To Yellow Tuesdays Hair Club, thank you. To the men - Thank you. To Jeff Gunter and Hometown Stations of WLIO - Thank you. To those of you who provided hygiene - Thank you. The event raised $3,080, which includes the money raised by Liberty Christian School with their two students that participated - Thank you.

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Every Tuesday come and join us at Our Daily Bread Soup Kitchen as we partner with the Lima Rescue Men's Mission and Celebrate Recovery to host sessions of Celebrate Recovery at 1PM. This will help you to find peace and solace through the eight beatitudes spoken of at the Sermon on the Mount by Jesus Christ. The journey of life is complicated and together we can find the answers to life's problems in God's Word with comfort and peace. Join us each Tuesday as we gather, won't you?


Movie with Meaning will be held February 11@ 1PM.  We hope that you will consider joining us for our movie held the second Wednesday of each month.


Volume 3, Issue 3 ODB Newsletter, (.pdf format), (Oct.-Nov.-Dec. 2013)

Volume 3, Issue 2 ODB Newsletter, (.pdf format), (Apr.-May-Jun. 2013)

Volume 3, Issue 1 ODB Newsletter, (.pdf format), (Jan.-Feb.-Mar. 2013)

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